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For desktop devices, this system is best viewed in IE11 and later, besides Google Chrome. For tablets and mobile devices, the system operates in iOS6 and Android4.3, besides the later versions of both..

If you have previously requested services through any of the Municipal Customer Services Centers of Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities ; it might be that a profile has been created for you in this new system by the Customer Service employees. In this case, you can first check if you have a profile in this system by going to ( Reset Password ) page and entering your National ID Number. If you find that you have a profile, then you will be able to get a new password so that you can log in to the system.

If none of the above cases applies to you, and you will be using the system for the first time; kindly create a new profile here so that you can utilize the system's different services. For details; please visit this page: Create New Profile

For more information about how to use the system, please refer to the User Manual