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Renew Tenancy Contract

The aim of this service is to renew a contract registered in the system. Either the lessor or the tenant can initiate a request for this service.

Required Documents

 Initiation by Lessor

  1. Application Form *
  2. Awqaf Approval to issue the contract
  3. Approval from the  Residential Privacy Committee
  4. Tenant Agent Authorization Letter
  5. Tenant Company Trade License
  6. Marriage certificate or work letter on case of public or private housing

 Initiation by Tenant

This service does not require any attachments..

* Mandatory Document


• Service fees for Residential Contracts: 50 AED if the contract's duration is less than 4 years; 1% of the first year of the contract value if the contract is for more than 4 years • Service fees for Commercial and Industrial Contracts: 50 AED • Contract Registration Fee By Tenant (for Industrial Lands owned and leased by the Government): 5% of the contract value (Commercial and Industrial Contracts are exempted) • Annual Municipal Fee By Tenant (for the contracts on the units with Duplicated Premise numbers): 5% of the contract value (Commercial and Industrial Contracts are exempted)

Service Flowchart

 Initiation by Lessor

1 Submit the Request
2 Municipality Approval(only in the cases mentioned below)
3 Pay the Fees
4 Issue the Tenancy Contract
5 Close the Request

In the following cases, the approval of the concerned municipality is required before the Tenancy Contract is issued: - Creating a contract of “residential” type without listing the names of occupants.

 Initiation by Tenant

1 Submit the Request by the Tenant
2 Lessor Approval
3 Pay the Fees and Issue Contract