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Modify Tenancy Contract

The aim of this service is to modify a contract registered in the system between the lessor and the tenant. Either the lessor or the tenant can initiate a request for this service.

Required Documents

 Initiation by Lessor

  1. Application Form *
  2. Tenant Agent Authorization Letter
  3. Tenant Company Trade License

 Initiation by Tenant

This service does not require any attachments..

* Mandatory Document


There are no fees for this service.

Service Flowchart

 Initiation by Lessor

1 Submit the Request
2 Municipality Approval (only in the cases mentioned below)
3 Issue the Tenancy Contract
4 Close the Request

In the following cases, the approval of the concerned municipality is required before the Tenancy Contract is issued: - Creating a contract of “residential” type without listing the names of occupants.

 Initiation by Tenant

1 Submit the Request by the Tenant
2 Lessor Approval
3 Issue the Tenancy Contract