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Property Enrollment

The aim of this services is to enroll a property or a unit in the system; so that the customer can register this property/unit to be able to create contracts on them afterward. This service is available for lessors.

Required Documents

  1. Application Form *
  2. Drawings *
  3. Building license
  4. Start Building Certificate
  5. Absence Drawing Certificate
  6. Committee Approval to rent the properties
  7. Authorization Document
  8. Mortgage Possessory
  9. PMC - Property Management Contract
  10. Investment Contract
  11. Delegation Document
  12. Property Information Template *

* Mandatory Document


There are no fees for this service..

Service Flowchart

1 Submit the Request
2 Municipality Approval
3 Enroll the Properties/Units by the Responsible Department
4 Close the Request